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School holiday programme - Spaces for next week.

It may have been a challenge for some of them to paddle to the fountain and back but they still had enough energy to be competitive back in Clyde Quay. Contests and games were run by the instructor and they were keen to see who could balance on their over turned kayaks the longest. You could see them gain in confidence as they tried more daring activities in and around the water as the afternoon progresses. They were all soaked from wharf jumping and falling in and appreciated the hot Milo once changed.

.Kayaking 3Who can do a "Titanic Moment" 

A sailing day involves learning about boats, boat safety and yachting and then they help rig up the boat to go sailing. It was light airs on Tuesday afternoon but they found some breeze in Evans Bay and the games on board are designed to increase their confidence around boats.

.20160927 141734 1All smiles as they leave the marina.

We have had a full programme this week but there are still some places availible for next week. A five day programme from 1.00pm till 4.00pm. Please see our website for details or call Phillipa 04 939 6702.



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