Enter the 2015 Port Nicholson Regatta

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Enter and pay by credit card online here.

Important: When you confirm and submit your entry form for processing you will be transferred to the payment page. Do not close your browser or navigate to another page until you have completed the payment. Your entry will not be accepted if payment is not completed.

Don't want to do it online?

Download and complete the entry form:

Payment may be made at the bar in the RPNYC Wardroom or by post.


Entries have been received from the following boats:

BoatSailDesign Skipper
Helter Skelter4192Bieker 765Phil Bishop and Campbell Fleury
Brix5887Young 88Jeremy Miller
Whistler III5988Young 88Mike West
REVS8234Ross 12mMark Gordon
Incantare881Young 88Stephen Parker
Black Diamond9347BeneteauJamie McDowell
CU8586Ross 8mLisa Wood
WedgetailHW 42WelbournMeric Davies
After Midnight6856Ross 830John Floyd
Satellite Spy6162Ross 40Glenn Robertson / Matt Kerr
MagicTrickK9198Shaw 650Mike Calkoen
The Guarantee8625Ross 10.66Geoff Herd
Titus Canby1505Farr 1/2 tonJohn Wood
Illusions50903/4 ton C&CMark Waters
Blink110011Shaw 12Tony Wells
Flying Machine6580Young 88Craig Edwards
Airship4953Ross 930 ModifiedDavid Roberts
Testarossa6350Ross 930mGrant Reid
Gucci6654WarwickBrent Dewhurst
Stepping Stone5858Beale 33Trevor Burgess
Haumuri8949Cropp 45Craig Slack
Jive TalkinNZL8800Davidson 10.6mD. Anderson
WISEGUY6585Young 88Tim Wood
Crusader 3535551Elliott 35ssAnthony Leighs
St Laurence7569MultihullKyle Radersma
White Cavalier3248IIR 1/2 tonChris Rutledge
Tracer1849Raven 26Ben Amor
Prime Mover6804Farr 1104Sean Murrie
Synfinity11811Far East 26Andrew Nixon

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